Nfinity Champions League Cheerleading Event In Theaters Nationwide 4.10.14

This past weekend I was called upon by an old friend to help shoot the finale of the first full on elite cheerleading documentary to ever be created. Kyle Goldberg and his brother Austin have spent nearly 3 months traveling America, following several of the top cheer leading teams in the nation leading up to the Nfinity Champions League Cheerleading Event. This competition brings the best teams in America together for an all out battle to determine the absolute elite team.

Excited yet?

I was lucky enough to be involved in cinematography for this showdown in Atlanta and I am more than excited to see it screen this Thursday all across the U.S. and Canada. 

Thats right. This film will be screening in a theater near you THIS THURSDAY! 

To sum this up. This past weekend was one to remember. So much hard work with old and new friends... and some serious budget allowed for this film to be made. Go check it out this thursday in a theater near you.

Anna Ard - Realtor

I finally had the chance to shoot some video with my lovely wife, Anna Ard, and give her the chance to say a few words about the realty business. I can not recommend her enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She has grown up Chesapeake and knows the entire Hampton Roads realty business like the back of her hand. 

Proper Video 2014 Show Reel

So another year has passed. Proper Video has officially been in business for over 3 years. 2013 was a huge year for me. I worked with some absolutely amazing professionals, I was given the opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful weddings, and I was even involved in my first short film. To say the very least 2013 was amazing to me and with 2014 already off to a roaring start, I am just so excited to see what else is in store for me this year. After spending countless hours going through last years footage, I have compiled what I believe to my best of the best from 2013. I hope you enjoy the Show Reel!

Christmas with the Nephew

Hey there friends! Over the holiday season I was lucky enough to travel to the Midwest and visit my family. I had not been home for Christmas in over 6 years due to my time in the Navy. It was amazing to enjoy all of the old traditions that I had been missing out on. After our time in Kansas City, the wife and I headed south to Oklahoma City to visit her sister and our nephew Luke. We decided to go out to the well known area Brick Town in the downtown area. Luke spotted a group of horses and carriages and the rest is what follows in this video. Happy New Year!

Priscilla + Matt

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to shoot Matt & Priscilla Gunter's special wedding day right here locally in Hampton Roads. To say the least, I was in awe at the beauty of this fantastic wedding. All of the children running around, racing to get ready in the morning, the smiles exchanged between the bride and groom during their "first look", and the unbelievable floral work by Daevid's OfNorfolk combined to make an absolutely unforgettable day. 

Well midnight has come and gone so, Happy Thanksgiving!